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IoT @ work in Facilities Management

Not Just A Better Mousetrap

The IoT is changing facilities management globally by letting building and facility managers remotely monitor the safety and quality of building assets, and environs to improve occupant health, sustainability, and customer experiences. 

Across Hong Kong, prestigious retail and residential buildings use IoT solutions to remotely monitor everything from water leaks, security exits, and temperature/humidity levels. In New Zealand, Tether uses the IoT to enable healthy, energy-efficient living, working, and learning environments. And in Australia, Adam’s Pest Control has completely changed the rodent management game with Cre8tec’s innovative IoT-enabled RATSENSE solution. 

IoT solutions are no longer a pilot for early adopters. IoT solutions are the strategic choice for smart businesses.


Queclink Partners with Sigfox to Enable Asset Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery for the Global 0G Network


Car thieves beware! Sigfox partnered with Queclink on an asset management and stolen vehicle recovery solution. The small GL52S device footprint, 4+ years standby time, and resistance to jamming make it the ideal covert solution for vehicle and static asset trackingMore info

How Devices Connected to the 0G Network Protect the COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Chain


IoT-enabled devices fitted to containers, roll cages or drums, connected to the plug-and-play global 0G Network, provide fast visibility to asset location and condition data across an entire supply chain. For the COVID-19 vaccine, that means more predictable delivery of quality medicines. More info

IoT Trends to Watch in 2021


In 2021, why will early adopters continue to keep their true IoT ROI a secret? What IoT solutions will deliver the best returns? How will monetising IoT insights change businesses globally? Read on to discover the key trends this year likely holds for the IoT industry. More info

What Did A Real-time IoT-enabled Remote Monitoring Solution Linked to the 0G Network Provide During the Suez Canal Crisis?


Tracking ship deviation, estimating arrival times, locating goods, and planning restocking are just a few of the ways that IoT-enabled remote monitoring over the global 0G Network can improve supply chain resilience if, for example, a ship blocked the Suez Canal... More info

IoTalk: 3 mins on the Real Benefits of IoT Track & Trace Asset Tracking Solutions in a Supply Chain


A brief snippet of Daniel Bunnett, Executive Vice-President of Loscam ANZ, from the MHD Supply Chain magazine webinar, talking about how Loscam’s IoT-enabled Track & Trace asset tracking solution transforms supply chain efficiency, resilience, and profitability. Watch the video

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