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What A Start into 2021!

The entire team wishes you a healthy, happy and successful 2021 and would like to thank you for your continued support. Looking back onto a huge and challenging year, we celebrate a 160% increase of connections on our Thinxtra network. We are all adjusting to our new normal, having to move faster, with more agility, more intuition and innovation to do the right thing rather than following the trodden path. This is of course pretty much business as usual for Thinxtra. Remote monitoring of assets in supply chains, measuring air quality in buildings, early bushfire detection - all contribute to a safer, healthier, more efficient and more sustainable environment. Each and every new connection contributes to higher efficiency for a more sustainable world. Thank you to our customers and partners who make it happen! Let’s do it all again and more. #JustConnectIt


Not Just a Better Mousetrap


Adams Pest Control provides industry-leading commercial pest control services utilising RATSENSE, the innovative IoT-enabled remote 24/7 monitoring system. Adams’ delivers quick and efficient rodent monitoring business and property protection.

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How Small Data Unlocks Supply Chain Visibility Over the 0G Network

During a global pandemic where online consumerism has seen a growth of 80% in Australia, supply chain executives are challenged to develop new operational strategies that allow greater control, visibility and resilience within a situation that is difficult to monitor.

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Nanolike Connects Cloud-based  Silo Fill Level Monitoring Solution to the 0G Network


The food and beverage industry benefits from real time visibility thanks to Nanolike’s new digitized silo fill level monitoring solution to optimize supply chain networks, enable environmentally sustainable transport logistics and facilitate 24/7 inventory and order management.

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Buildings Achieve 30% Improved Energy Efficiency with Enerbrain’s IoT Solution


Enerbrain has developed a flexible cloud driven solution connected with a combination of Soracom 4G SIMs and 0G connectivity that provides sustainable energy usage, delivering savings of up to 30%. 

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