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Next Generation Keg Tracking from Kegstar

We’re excited to share that Thinxtra have partnered with Kegstar, the smart one-way stainless steel keg and cask rental company, to deploy a global IoT-enabled keg solution. By the end of 2020 11,000 Kegstar kegs with ‘Starlight’ devices will remotely track the live location, temperature, cleanliness, liquid levels and orientation of each keg. Connected on the Thinxtra 0G Network, Kegstar continues to simplify keg rental while supporting customers to improve operational efficiency. We’ll drink to that!


Loscam and ASCAP Just Connect It for Mitsubishi Motors. The IoT-enabled Track & Trace Solution Is A Game-Changer for Supply Chains


Active Supply Chains Asia Pacific (ASCAP) is working with Loscam’s IoT-enabled track and trace solution, running on Thinxtra’s 0G Network, to monitor container (IBC) assets across the supply chain. Reliable, seamless asset visibility lets ASCAP cut operational costs and deliver a better customer experience. 

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NICIGAS Announces 900,000 Smart Meters 

to be Installed by the End of 2020 


Despite COVID-19 disruption in 2020, NICIGAS, SORACOM, UnaBiz and Kyocera have teamed to install thousands of new smart meters daily and are on track to deploy 900,000 meters by the end of the fiscal year.

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ABI Research Predicts Cellular IoT Devices will Hit a Global Total of 5.7 Billion by 2026


The “connectivity conundrum” mentioned by ABI Research in this article isn’t so much of a mystery when partnering with Thinxtra, The IoT Telco. The right connectivity choice reaching from 0G to 5G needs to be made for the specific use case to make the business case work. 

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Hong Kong’s Leading Shopping Mall Prevents Expensive Water Damage with an IoT Solution Running on Thinxtra’s 0G Network.


Langham Place Shopping Centre offers customers over 200 retail outlets on 15 storeys.  Thinxtra's connected IoT water leakage detection solution, based on Wise Alley’s device, ensures a safe, healthy shopping environment, prevents expensive repairs and protects retailer’s profits.

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